• Wye Valley River Festival
    Wye Valley River festival
    Wye Valley River Festival
    Two weeks of arts, entertainment, wonder
    and spectacle celebrating the Wye Valley Area
    of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

Luke Jerram’s ‘Museum of the Moon’ at Tintern Abbey was one of the highlights of the 2018 Wye Valley River Festival, but did you wonder how it got there? Here’s a great little behind the scenes video showing how we did it, thanks to some amazing rope access guys! 

We hope to be back, flowing through the Wye Valley AONB, for another River Festival in 2020. If you would like to be involved in the next Festival please let us know now as we start planning now for 2020


Waiting for the moon

The magical Museum of the Moon, created by international artist Luke Jerram, was one of the highlights of the Wye Valley River Festival 2018. As night fell a seven metre wide fusion of lunar imagery and moonlight, suspended high in the ruins of the Abbey enthralled visitors.


If you go down to the woods

Woods and trees were the theme for the 2018 Festival, with artists challenging us to think about the vital role they play in our world.

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