University of South Wales


Performers from the University Of South Wales will be at the Wye Valley River Festival Finale in Llandogo performing playful and thought provoking interventions throughout the day.

The Wye Valley River Festival has developed a collaboration with the University of South Wales over recent years, with students taking part in the planning, creation and development of a variety of performance pieces, as well as contributing their talents as performers during the 2016 Festival. Students felt they had their eyes opened to a whole new world of professional performance through their participation in the Wye Valley River Festival artistic process and their involvement in creative workshops with Desperate Men and the Wye Valley River Festival team. Positive student feedback led to the development of a complete bespoke Assessed Module (Theatre & Ecology), which has as its focus researching and creating art works, including performance and installations, around the themes for the Wye Valley River Festival 2018. University of South Wales students can elect to take in the 2nd and 3rd year of their studies in the Department of Dance, Drama & Performance. Participation in the Wye Valley River Festival is at the core of this module. Student participation will happen over 3 days, participating in the Museum of the Moon Picnic on 18th May and the Festival Finale in Llandogo on 19th May, performing and working with members of the Ensemble and then debriefing with collaborators at the end of the Festival.

Catch them at the Moon Picnic 18th May and Llandogo 19th May