Water Girls

  • Wye Valley River Festival
Water Girls is about creating songlines in the natural landscape.

This idea is with reverence to the Indigenous Australians who also call this a dreaming track, a path across land or sky recorded with traditional songs, dances, stories and painting. Water Girls takes this concept to the unique space above and surrounding bodies of water, with the idea of giving the opportunity for people to experience the effects of water and composition intertwined. Water Girls – Utopia:NOW is written for flutes, polyphonic voice and electronics, to be played from canoes. Each of the canoes represents a ‘musical section’, the music constantly evolves, layering and intertwining, never static as the canoes move together in a simple but carefully choreographed ‘dance’ in the twilight. The audience is enveloped inside a constantly developing piece, sounds approaching and receding, the paddler at the rear, musician at the helm.

Utopia:NOW is a celebration of positives, of what we have, what we’ve lost, what is dear to us and what we must change or do to hold onto it. It’s banging drums and making sacrifice to the contemporary gods of business, society, government, everyday people like you and me. It’s a coming together of beauty and harshness, tough gritty beats, brutal drumming, birds and flutes, transitory relationships never static always evolving. The canoes are the trajectory for jumping onto a vehicle moving in a direction and staying on for the duration, not getting off in dour acceptance and ‘there we are then’.  It is our missing thousands of years of tribal living, the quintessential missing fragments of the modern age.

La Horrox is a UK based performer, visual artist, sound artist and composer, her work encompassing projects across music, dance and installation. She realises her compositions through visual performance, music and sound conjured directly and indirectly through voice, body, object kinesthesis and electronics. Her work binds characters and objets d’art, sculpted costume and ‘props’. Trained as a costume designer and sound technician, La Horrox completed a Contemporary Digital Performance MA at Brunel in 2012. Her commissioned works include sculptures and soundtracks for short films, dance and performance, a geolocative opera walk, and multi-channel sound installations in nature. this is her first appearance at the Wye Valley River Festival.


This project is kindly sponsored by Onak Canoes https://onakcanoes.com/


This project is kindly sponsored by Onak Canoes https://onakcanoes.com/