Cuckoo Time

Download Here:  Cuckoo Time Audio Introduction Notes

Created especially for this year’s Wye Valley River Festival Cuckoo Time is a series of cracked and thought provoking performances on film from the Festival Ensemble peppered with moments of poetic and poignant beauty

Cuckoo Time is a survival game show from the year 3020 in which digital humans are downloaded into physical bodies and sent to the past. Hosted by Cuckoo and her sidekick Percy, together they run the biggest game show in the galaxy. This week they download 5 competitors to an earthly existence in the Wye Valley, 1000 years in the past, where their instruments registered a blip in the normal run of things in 2020. In order to win (and survive), the 5 contestants must find the mystery portal which will take them back to their idyllic digital existence. Failure results in permanent deletion, commonly known as the Cuckoo Clear-out. Will they make it? The longer contestants stay in the Wye Valley the less they want to leave.

Get Involved and meet the Contestants on Cuckoo Watch HERE 

The Artists

Cuckoo Time is a web series devised by the Wye Valley River Festival Ensemble, led by outdoor arts theatre specialists, the Desperate Men, in collaboration with writer Mike Akers and Rough Glory Films. A bespoke company,  the Ensemble is a mix of Welsh and English performers:  Danny Muir, Alice Downing, Marega Clark, Duncan Hallis, Chez Dunfois, Joanna Kessell, Jon Beedell and Richard Headon.

The Festival Ensemble is accompanied by Tim Hill’s ‘Wodwos’ street band, who weave the events and content together into an entertaining and provocative narrative, enticing the audience to follow the stories They are a 3-piece band featuring musicians Tim Hill, Stuart Henderson and Jo Meikle.

Co-Artistic Directors: Jon Beedell and Richard Headon. Desperate Men – Celebrating 40 years (1980-2020)

Writer: Mike Akers with devised contributions from the Ensemble

Original Cuckoo Time Concept : Richard Headon

Film Director/Editor: Nathan Hughes

Director of Photography: Ben Walton

Costume: Phoebe Baker

Stegosaurus: Los Kaos

Associate Producer: Sophie Knox-Miller

The WVRF Ensemble is a unique festival concept in which a company of versatile performers and musicians host the proceedings throughout, weaving the festival theme and events together in an entertaining and challenging narrative, enticing the audience to follow the stories and performances and take part in activities up and down the Valley.

For 2020’s Cuckoo Time the ensemble has migrated from live performance to the land of film and video…