Cuckoo Watch!

Meet the Contestants :

Contestant No 1

Contestant Number 1 was one of the last children even born into a human body and was uploaded into the cloud to escape the great disaster at the age of 10. The scrambled upload left them with a vendetta and they will stop at nothing to win the prize money to put it right. Winning will bring Number 1 home and soaring back into the future where they belong – but this time, with who they belong with. 

Contestant No 2

If you think for one second, that I’m going to let one of these mindless drones bumble their way over the finish line ahead of me, then you must be even more foolish than my so-called ‘competition’. A man of my distinction deserves all the fame and glory of the win. Once I am victorious, I’ll be spending my days bathing in champagne and wearing caviar face-masks. And if you’re very very lucky, you might even get to see me at it, on the silver screen! Anyway, I need to keep working on my cunning scheme- I mean… strategy.  *evil laugh* See you at the winner’s podium! 

Contestant No 3
Originally a researcher in marine Biology, has been floating in Amniotic fluid for 981 years, contemplating how to fix the eternal code. The result would mean access to full potential of Being in physical Time.
They believe that the answer lies in the molecular structure of water, which due to continued contamination causes a clog in the Global arteries – which leads to forgetfulness and amnesia. Hence- The Water of Forgetfulness.

Contestant No 4

Born from software that manages pistons for engines ‘R0nn13 (Danger)’ originally named as such due to the penchant to overclock himself to the point of failure to show off to the other software, believes that strength is the only thing you need to succeed. How will he handle being in a human body? Probably by trying to lift himself up over his own head in a display of extreme impossible strength. 

Contestant no 5

She’s resourceful, determined and resilient. She spends much of her digital existence engaging in cyber combat games which demand incredible focus and reaction speeds to reach the levels she has attained. Like many she chose to have all of her pre-digitisation memories erased, so she has no recollection of growing up on the edge of an ancient woodland. Her ambition is to win Cuckoo Time and use her credits to buy an upgrade for her cyber combat avatar, allowing her to compete with the AI’s who dominate the upper echelons of the sport. 

Meet Cuckoo and Percy 


Having escaped The Asylum (a trans-dimensional correctional facility (coop) in the year 3015 (by rewiring an ancient nokia phone and attracting a convenient wormhole), psychotic jailbird, space/time pirate and narcissist Cuckoo C hijacked an off-world credit storage ship and captured a gazillion gold credits in a daring computer RAM raid.

Delighted with her success she makes herself a permanent guest of ‘The Nest’ formerly the (air b and b) homeship of Lord Percy Perequine, from where she can hack into the operational time line. Terrified of getting a bad review on ‘trip advisor’ Percy becomes her reluctant sidekick Cuckoo reinvents herself as a Game Show Guru, producing a game – mainly for her own amusement- which feeds her hunger for competition, encourages greed and also fulfils her genetic imperative (caused by crossed DNA subloops) for inserting things where they don’t belong. The game becomes a cult phenomenon-Exploiting those digital souls who are desperate to experience 3d ‘reality’ and those who are just desperate for credits and/or ‘likes’ on Instagram


Initially reluctant but now all an embracing cult superstar sidekick of Cuckoo his rise to public notoriety has been swift. He stoops to conquer. Never happier than deleting contestants he relishes his fiendish role although he is careful not to cross Cuckoo whom he mistakenly thinks his from his brood and as a consequence he is driven to feed endlessly.

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