Mr Cherry


The River Festival Documenter and Passport Stamper Extraordinaire!

During the River Festival, Mr Cherry will be appearing and disappearing, without warning, so watch out for him and be ready to get your Festival Passport stamped with a very unique ‘Cherry’ stamp which will put you in the running for splendid prizes. (You can also get your passport stamped at the AONB stands at any of the festival locations. Find out more about the Festival Passport here

As the official ‘River Festival Documenter’ Mr Cherry will be making films, taking photos, and generally documenting all manner of trees and people at the Festival. He is also looking for your films, photos and art of the 2018 River Festival and he is particularly interested in your films of trees. Visit the sister Festival website to find out more at

Mr Cherry is the festival alter ego of performer William Wilding.
William has appeared in many guises over the years, ranging from his madcap persona ‘Woody Bop Muddy’, performing his musical based seat of the pants DJ show ‘Record Graveyard’, to co-founding and running the Street Theatre company ‘dotComedy’, which created and performed many strange and unusual theatre happenings. Visit his website at