Rhys Trimble Poetry Workshop

Led by Rhys Trimble, participants will be encouraged to take a walk in their natural habitat and use this walk as an opportunity to gather materials for a piece of writing. In this walk you will record what you see, hear, feel, emote, smell, sense, observe – along with your thoughts, your words and the overheard words of other creatures/ people in any language: Welsh, English, Magpie or Woodcock. The recording might be in pencil, crayon or recorded on your phone.

This will be a two part workshop in which the plans are laid out according to your own practice and inclination and a second part in which the products of your individual walk (that takes place in the middle) will be honed into finished poems or texts. Participants should be thoughtful but not necessarily artists or poets quite yet, and of any age or ability.

Booking essential. Email information@wyevalleyaonb.org.uk to reserve your place.

The Artist

Rhys Trimble is a bilingual poet and visual artist working in English and Welsh, skilfully weaving the two languages together seamlessly. He describes himself as a Poet, Declaimer, Drummer, Plumber, Artist, Teacher, Web Designer, Critic, Tutor, Workshoper and Peformance Artist.

Hop over to Instagram to see his poem collages.


Join our Poetry Workshop with Rhys Trimble online at 1pm on Saturday 26th or Sunday 27th September.