Wolves have returned….Track the Wye Valley and Welsh Borders wolf pack in this exciting wildlife tracking game.

Wolves is a rare chance to experience this long extinct and magnificent animal back in the Wye Valley. Wolves roamed this area for thousands of years. Bones of hyena, lion, brown bear and rhinoceros discovered in King Arthur’s Cave near Symonds Yat show signs of having been gnawed by wolves. Now, once again, they hunt in the woods above the river Wye and den in the caves.  Following a long and meticulously planned wolf reintroduction programme the pack is now well-established and radio tag data will be made public.

Wolves is a game. Your goal: to carefully track and photograph or film the pack in its natural habitat. This is not easy as they are notoriously hard to see. To aid players, a game map will publish the packs’ current location during game times, derived from the radio collar data. Use the location data to get out into the landscape and spot them. Submit your photos and video to the game gallery via the website. There are prizes for first sighting, best photo, best film, best behaviour captured.

The game is free to play and will be available from Friday 25th September but you can catch watch our mini Wolf films and get up to speed on your Wolf knowledge, in readiness, from Monday 21st  September.


The wolf pack radio tag trackers will be turned on at 11am on Friday 25th September 2020. Follow the pack and play here.




More info on the pack reintroduction here

About the artists

Wolves is a collaboration between artists Ruth Essex and Simon Evans. Ruth is a passionate generalist with a keen interest in ecology and exploring people’s connection to the natural world. Simon is an award-winning artist who works with game forms to create participatory experiences that explore our needs as social beings, and how our experience of physical reality and ideology combine to create our sense of self.

Follow the Pack


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